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Change Leadership

As a leader, are you positioned to lead change, or is change leading you?

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Consider this:

It’s natural to fear change. Traditionally, there has been a tendency to think short-term when reacting to change, cling to old methods, and control change to maintain stability…but not address the waves of disruption on the horizon. Today, however, this course is particularly risky during times of unprecedented turbulence.

The result of not adapting to change? The demise of products, services, and corporations. Among the many casualties are companies like Blockbuster.

The challenge:

"Leadership skills of the past are effective, but they are no longer sufficient to traverse change disruption."

-- Quang Le, CEO, Le Transformations

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The Solution

Le Transformations (LETS) is a Change Leadership™ firm, a new breed of consultancy that helps leaders work with staff to manage change objectively, proactively, and cost effectively. We are inspired by our Certified Change Strategist, CEO Quang Le, who is first-in-class in this new breed of change leaders.

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At LETS, we believe:

Leaders must be the catalysts for change. They need to instill a sense of calm and chart a new course that will help their organizations stay afloat.

Executives need to engage workers in navigating the way toward business transformation and must include all team members, from the front-lines to back-office support.

Change Strategy leverages new strategic opportunities to create a shift in how business is done today in order to adapt to new circumstances tomorrow.

Leaders must solicit staff feedback, earn their buy-in, and build a learning organization based on trust. In this light, communication, education, and reinforcement are vital.

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Let's talk

In your complimentary consultation & coaching session wtih Coach Quang Le, Certified Change Strategist, your confidential session will help you


Understand the context for what’s driving unprecedented change


Learn how to build change capacity and apply change strategy


See how you can lead change and maximize ROI with LETS as your guide

To help us prepare for your consultation and coaching session...

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