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“I had the privilege of engaging Quang to assess collaboration and team effectiveness for our entire division. Quang collaborated with staff leveraging surveys, focus groups, and individual discussions. Opportunities were summarized and shared with staff in All Hands sessions, followed by high-level action planning. He builds trust effectively with staff at various levels. I was impressed with Quang's uncompromising attention to details and his ability to summarize opportunities without getting lost in weeds. Quang's ability to delve deeper into topics within a short period of time is impressive. He is equally impressive in pointing out synergies between different conversations and focusing the group. Quang's work helped our group develop new awareness that continues to further collaboration across teams."


Ms. K.Sandell., Associate CIO for IT Division

"I had the pleasure of working with Quang for several years when he was a program manager for an enterprise IT system development effort that I oversaw (a multi-million dollar ACAT Defense Business System).  What I experienced with Quang back then was his level of dedication to the work, to the people, and for always finding ways to navigate tough situations with empathy and compassion.  It is Quang’s empathy and compassion that sets him apart from other leaders and coaches."


— Mr. Young., Department of Defense

When I needed a coach to help me navigate a key business/strategy decision, it was natural for me to seek out Quang.   I knew that Quang would not only help me stay true to myself but also help me see things in a different light and include all perspectives in making a balanced decision. 

— Federal Government Executive (retired)

"I was laid off. Bummer, right?  But it happens. 

Then I did one of the smartest things I could do: I hired coach Quang.


The time chatting with him opened up new ideas and a deeper understanding of myself.   I had the ability to choose my next step carefully, and not out of fear. Fear of not being able to support my family, fear of nothing coming along, fear of not being good enough.  


My time with Quang really opened my eyes, bringing newfound confidence. Confidence in what I wanted and, equally important, in what I didn’t want.  This saved me from a few bad decisions and allowed me the faith to hold on for the right position with the right company, and then to negotiate for what I was worth.  

So, many thanks to Quang."

— Mr. Jason M., Senior Technology Professional