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Due Diligence Checklist

Whether you attempt to formulate a change strategy in-house or partner with a consultancy, you need to perform due diligence to optimize your success.


Here are questions to ask and factors to consider:



& Culture

How will you drill deep and be strategic in getting to the source of your change challenges?

How, overall, will you respond to volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity with regard to disruptive change?

Which elements of your organizational culture will you bolster, and which will you side-line?

How will you measure the ROI in your culture change strategy?

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How will you know if your leaders are too entrenched in maintaining the status quo?

How will you equip senior leaders to respond to disruptive change and provide ongoing support?

How will leaders address the varied needs of multi-cultures and multi-generations, including Gen-Z, Millennials, and Baby Boomers in the workplace, recognizing different skill-sets and anxieties?

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How will you create a nimble organization that can respond to real-time data and pivot as circumstances dictate?

How will management work with staff to collaborate and innovate across the enterprise?

How will the organization know when to seize opportunities to be proactive and leverage the upside of change?

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These are heady questions that merit considered counsel, and a bold response.

It makes sense to emulate best practices. We encourage you to consult with other organizations within your industry to see how they are confronting disruption, especially regarding challenges in this “next normal”.


The reality, however, is that innovative change plans are in the formative stages, and you need to act now.

Leading the way in the new frontier of Change Leadership™ is Le Transformations.

You have an opportunity to be a pioneer and become an organization that has mastered change—and hasn’t been mastered by it!

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Let's talk

In your complimentary consultation & coaching session wtih Coach Quang Le, Certified Change Strategist, your confidential session will help you


Understand the context for what’s driving unprecedented change


Learn how to build change capacity and apply change strategy


See how you can lead change and maximize ROI with LETS as your guide

To help us prepare for your consultation and coaching session...

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