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Quang LE

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Quang Le, CEO of Le Transformations LLC (LETS)—a  premier Change Leadership consulting firm—is a Certified Change Strategist and Certified Leadership Coach with 20+ years’ experience.


Founded in 2017 and based in Washington, DC, with clients worldwide, LETS helps leaders navigate change and implement successful change strategies. LETS specializes in industries that are most vulnerable to disruptive forces in today’s “next normal” environment.

Le has developed LETS’ patented agile leadership model, which features the blending of technology, process, and people. With a focus on culture and collaboration, he and his team guide organizations through turbulence and toward transformation.

Le is recognized for his objective, passionate, personalized approach—and his ability to build trust, restore a sense of calm, and prepare organizations for weathering the next storm on the horizon.

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Le has provided innovative solutions for scores of clients in the public and private sectors. As a best-in-class change consultant, he leverages his extensive expertise in information technology, organizational strategy, enterprise change initiatives, executive and team coaching, and applied human psychology.


Le’s engagements have included scores of clients in government, military, universities, healthcare, technology, hospitality, automotive, manufacturing, retail, corporate sales, and customer service.


Chief Executive Officer
& Certified Leadership Strategist

Master of Science

Organizational Development

American University

School of Public Affairs

Bachelor of Science

Computer Information Systems

Strayer University

Graduated Magna Cum Laude

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Quang's Personal Story


The first thing you should know about me is that "change is in my DNA.” I suspected that as a young child, and I appreciate the personal and professional parallels that define who I am today.

My first memories of significant change occurred when I came to the United States as a Vietnamese-Korean refugee when I was three years old.  Dealing with culture shock, I learned that while change can be disruptive, you can still derive joy in being challenged and discovering new paths to self-actualization.

Originally, I struggled with reading, writing, and speaking this new language called English. But I embraced the challenge, and by 8th grade I competed in the “Optimist International Oratorical Contest.”  I placed second.  I remember my teacher asking me if I was upset that I didn’t win. I exclaimed, "Are you kidding me?  I feel totally awesome!"


Today, I am a proud Vietnamese-Korean American who enjoys learning and experiencing different cultures, languages, and cuisines.  

My professional career has also been steeped in change.  Having worked in many industries and many capacities (from sales and customer service to IT developer, from personal chef to executive leader), I realized that change is constant. I’ve been laid off, downsized, and I left jobs on my own accord. Throughout, I have tried to face change head-on and persevere.

It hasn’t been easy. Making adjustments takes time and energy. However, my experience affirms that investing in your change leadership abilities pays dividends in many ways. As a CEO, Certified Change Strategist, and a pioneer in the field of Change Leadership, I try to assimilate the lessons of my past and transfer this experience to help clients turn adversity into opportunity…or, as we say at my firm, turn change from a deficit to an asset. 


Indeed, the successful navigation of change can be a transformative process…both personally and professionally.

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