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Meet the team

The Le Transformations (LETS) team, led by LETS CEO Quang Le, includes a cadre of highly respected professionals who specialize in change, strategy, and coaching.  They average 20+ years of experience and have represented hundreds of clients in various industries.  


Our diverse group combines a variety of disciplines:  IT, military, commercial, healthcare, finance, HR, operations, marketing, and academia.  We complement each other’s unique skills, and we all share a passion for results-oriented, superior client service.

The Team
Karen Nash Headshot.jpeg
Karen Nash
David Jamieson Headshot.jpeg
DR. David Jamieson
Quang Le Headshot 1.jpg
Becca Pearce Headshot.jpeg
Roland Livingston Headshot.jpg
DR. Roland Livingston

Let's talk

Thank you! We look forward to connecting soon!

Government and Non-Profit Clients

Le Transformations gladly accepts Government purchase-cards and individual and group training orders via [SF-182], Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training.  An SF-182 is a simplified, government-wide mechanism for acquiring training and development services. registration active through March 4, 2025. UEI: QN5RCW4UAMH8. CAGE: 9TSE8.


NAICS Codes: 541611 (Administrative and General Management Consulting), 611430 (Professional and Management Development Training), 541612 (Human Resources Consulting Services)

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