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Change isn't new, but disruptive change presents challenges for even the best of executive leaders. That’s not surprising since leaders typically haven’t been trained in tackling disruptive or emergent change.  Until now.

Today, organizations are realizing that complacency, outdated methods, and resistance to change can lead to their rapid demise.  They just don’t know the best way to begin a journey of change that can also mitigate risk and optimize success.

What's most critical now is how leaders respond to inevitable change, how they utilize and leverage disruption, how they transform their organizations, and how they act proactively to build future opportunities.

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Routes toward Transformation

Plans to address change will vary with every organization, with no pat solution.

Various routes include managing the process in-house or engaging a consulting firm:



One route is to plan for change in-house.

The drawback here is that internal resources are committed to other internal priorities and projects.  Your initiative merits devoted resources. 

Additionally, sometimes internal resources may not have the breadth of experiences to deal with today's vagaries and complexities; they may lack the breadth and depth to solve enormous disruptive change issues on their own.  

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Management consulting firms

The large consulting firms have much intellectual capital. But they usually don't provide senior-level, personalized attention; if they do, it is extremely limited since their consulting model isn't designed for this.

Instead, they provide limited time with experts and maximum time with less experienced consultants.


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Change management firms

These consultants offer a more narrow approach, but they generally tout an off-the-shelf formula -- a "silver bullet" solution, and they may not accent Change Leadership™ with staff engagement, Change Strategy, or Culture.

While change management firms' models promote "one size fits all," the reality is that all organizations, even those in the same industry, approach leadership, work, and culture in different ways.


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Le Transformations (LETS).

We are a premier Change Leadership firm, a new breed of specialists that helps leaders work with staff to navigate change objectively, proactively, and cost-effectively. 


We bring depth and breadth of experience to each client engagement.


Starting with our CEO: Quang Le is a Contemporary Breed of change consultant. He brings deep expertise in information technology, organizational strategy & effectiveness, enterprise change initiatives, executive coaching, team coaching, and applied human behavior to his leadership role at Le Transformations.

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Let's talk

Thank you! We look forward to connecting soon!

Government and Non-Profit Clients

Le Transformations gladly accepts Government purchase-cards and individual and group training orders via [SF-182], Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training.  An SF-182 is a simplified, government-wide mechanism for acquiring training and development services. registration active through March 4, 2025. UEI: QN5RCW4UAMH8. CAGE: 9TSE8.


NAICS Codes: 541611 (Administrative and General Management Consulting), 611430 (Professional and Management Development Training), 541612 (Human Resources Consulting Services)

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