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Welcome to Transformations!

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Your guide to navigating change

A message from Quang Le, CEO, Le Transformations

I formed Le Transformations (LETS) five years ago to fill a need in the marketplace for Change Leadership. Our consulting work has grown considerably since then as a pioneer in this new frontier. But when the pandemic hit and disruptive change was rampant, it was clear that our services were becoming more critical. And now that the effects of the new normal linger in these turbulent times, we’d like to share our insights about how you can lead through continuous, disruptive, and emergent change and begin to transform your organization.

With content designed to help leaders navigate change, we are launching an informational campaign including the following:

Welcome to LETS, where we believe that intel can empower you and turn change from a deficit into an ASSET.

Stay tuned for transformative ideas…and please share this e-newsletter with others who might benefit.

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Wishing you smooth sailing,

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