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Client Engagements

LETS' Agile Leadership Model


At LETS, we have helped myriad industries navigate change, and our clients include organizations that are most vulnerable to destructive forces in today’s next normal. While we customize the strategy for each assignment, the good news is that our business model and methodology is transferable across the board. Below are a few representative success stories from clients whose confidentiality we must honor.

Our Work with Goverments

Helping governmental Agencies Overcome Digital Disruption


While digital transformation can yield service and product benefits, any large-scale change is inherently risky and typically fraught with resistance. Such was the case with one of many governmental agencies seeking to adopt newer technologies that would cut costs and provide more comprehensive services to constituents and employees. The agency was responsible for overhauling its core financial systems from an antiquated in-house system to a software-as-a-service platform. The process entailed restructuring the type of technological platforms and systems used as well as orchestrating how people would work and the kind of work they would perform.

We helped coach the senior executive to master the digital transition and lead an effective change campaign. We consulted on change strategy and Change Leadership so the leader could enable the internal team of financial analysts, technicians, and others to implement and sustain the organizational and cultural innovations.


Specifically, we helped design and facilitate change strategy workshops involving the core team and then supported the internal team as it rolled out the briefings organization-wide. We provided a roadmap for ongoing change, workshops on agile leadership, and helped our client determine which steps to perform in- house and which to assign to implementation experts. This allowed our client to measure ROI for each phase.

The outcome? The leadership team become self-reliant and capable change practitioners who guided the organization’s engaged staff through this digital transformation. By respectfully and strategically leveraging internal talent, the client significantly cut costs and avoided acrimony.

Calm Through Disruption

Helping Manufacturing Companies Create Calm in a Sea of Disruption


The pandemic has presented many technology companies with a litany of complex issues, including how to deal with restrictions that have kept workers off the production line, and how to find ways to meet the demand for their products while COVID impacted global supply chains. One particular company needed to create a safe work environment, build a transition plan for a merger, and prepare for the arrival of a new CEO.


After LETS was selected, we helped guide the company through the problem-solving stages, starting with how best to determine the priorities and manage the transitions. Leveraging our Change Leadership experience, we helped our client pinpoint key areas for strategic change that would maximize production, gain approval from the unions, and be adopted by management. We helped implement each step and build a flexible framework that involved the engagement of employees.

The result was the creation of a more nimble and agile organization that was poised to chart new courses, whatever the nature of future disruption. With this framework in place, employees practiced essential and newly acquired skills and techniques, and the company refined its processes so it could more easily pivot when disruptive changes occurred again.

Bringing People Processes to IT

Helping IT organizations create effective Change Strategies 

Many IT organizations today face pressures to be more than just operational stewards of systems, infrastructure, and technology.  They are asked to be a strategically aligned business partner.  Our IT client encountered this very situation.  They recognized that while they were great at technology delivery, they needed a more effective teaming strategy to align and support their business stakeholders.  Our IT client turned to us to help them understand what was working and what was not working in their organization around teaming.  They wanted to understand what contributed towards collaboration, climate, and interaction among individuals and on teams.  Leveraging our IT and organizational assessment and change strategy experience, we helped our client pinpoint key areas for strategic change.  The analysis and intervention helped our clients adopt a multifaceted method that addressed both short-term and longer-term strategies to enhance collaboration, climate, and interaction.  

Our Work in Manufacturing

Helping Manufacturing companies create Calm in a Sea of Disruption

In 2020 many manufacturing companies faced a litany of complications from being unable to have workers on the manufacturing floor due to Covid concerns and restrictions and finding ways to continue to meet the demand for their products when Covid impacted global supply chains. Our executive client had to find ways to create a safe work environment and build a transition plan for a digital transformation.

Our clients turned to us to help guide them through all the various changes. They wanted to understand which change made sense first and how to handle transitions better. Leveraging our change strategy experience, we helped our client pinpoint key areas for strategic change that would positively impact the manufacturing floor, gain approval from the unions, and be adopted by management. We helped them prioritize the changes and work through each of the change strategies to build a flexible framework and process that allowed them to enroll the help of employees, unions, and managements to create a nimble and more agile organization ready to pivot.

Our work produced a framework for the client to modify and adjust to chart multiple courses no matter the disruption and change. As they put the framework in place, employees & management practiced essential and newly acquired skills and techniques; the company refined their processes until they became more natural at pivoting when changes occurred.

Man Hands On Keyboard
Our Work in Tech

Bringing Calm to a Sea of Crisis for a Software Sales Company

An executive technology client in South Africa hired us to help them chart a course to solve some very complicated business process issues. Market conditions and the competitive landscape had changed very rapidly over the past three years. They experienced decreased sales, which created revenue loss, and ultimately led to the retrenchment of employees. Uneasiness and ambiguity were pervasive throughout the company. Working with the client, we discovered a humanistic approach that:

  1. Empowered employees to diagnose and present ideas for resolution

  2. Shift accountability to each individual rather than up the chain of command

  3. Helped team members begin a process to transition to transformational change towards long-term trust and accountability in the organization


Our work with the client helped them successfully navigate themselves from crisis into calm and create actionable plans forward.

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