project profile:  Coaching for Transformative Leadership for Higher Education

Leaders are asked to do more and with fewer resources than ever before. Regardless of industry, leaders are often asked to help their organizations innovate, adapt, and solve complex business problems brought on by disruptive technology as a result of the "4th industrial revolution" (Schwab, 2015).  Our executive IT client recognized that leaders are instrumental in helping support and guide organizations through change.  We were asked to leverage our IT leadership and coaching expertise to develop a comprehensive coaching program.  The goal was to prepare the next generation of leaders to be able to guide and support the organization through complex changes initiatives.  This transformative leadership program is the first of it's kind for this institution and continues to be a great success.  The leadership coaching has had positive effects not only for the leader but has had positive impacts on their team, their division, and the institution as a whole. 


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project profile: Coaching for Digital Transformation for Federal Agency

Many federal agencies adopt newer technologies as a means to cut costs and provide more comprehensive services both to their constituents and employees.  Our Federal agency executive client was responsible for overhauling their core financial systems from an antiquated in-house managed system to a software-as-a-service platform.  The process entailed restructuring not only the type of technological platforms and systems used but also the orchestration of how people will work, and the kind of work they will perform in the future once the new system is in place.  In this digital transformation project, we helped coach our senior executive client through the digital transformation scope as well as how to orchestrate and lead an effective change strategy campaign for the organization.  We focused our support and coaching so that the leader could enable and leverage their internal team of financial analysts, technicians, and staff to implement and sustain the organizational and cultural change strategy.


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project profile:  Navigating Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, & Ambiguous (VUCA) Change Strategy for an IT Services Company

An executive technology client in South Africa hired us to help them chart a course to solve some very complicated business process issues.  Market conditions and the competitive landscape had changed very rapidly over the past three years.  They experienced decreased sales, which in turn created revenue loss, and ultimately led to retrenchment of employees.  Uneasiness and ambiguity were pervasive throughout the company.  Working with the client, we discovered a humanistic approach that, (1) empowered employees to diagnose and present ideas for resolution,  (2) shift accountability to each individual, rather than up the chain of command, and (3) helped team members begin a process to create a transition to transformational change towards long-term trust and accountability in the organization.  Our work with the client helped them successfully navigate their VUCA journey.


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project profile:  Helping IT organizations create effective Change Strategies

Many IT organizations today face pressures to be more than just operational stewards of systems,  infrastructure, and technology.  They are asked to be a strategically aligned business partner.  Our IT client encountered this very situation.  They recognized that while they were great at technology delivery, they needed a more effective teaming strategy to align and support their business stakeholders.  Our IT client turned to us to help them understand what was working and what was not working in their organization around teaming.  They wanted to understand what contributed towards collaboration, climate, and interaction among individuals and on teams.  Leveraging our IT and organizational assessment and change strategy experience, we helped our client pinpoint key areas for strategic change.  The analysis and intervention helped our clients adopt a multifaceted method that addressed both short-term and longer-term strategies to enhance collaboration, climate, and interaction.  

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