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Not convinced yet? Then take a look at what our previous and existing clients have to say about us...


Government Agency

Digital Transformation

"I have tried to educate myself on this digital transformation "thing" by attending conferences, reading articles, and talking with colleagues. And I thought I understood the issues fairly well. But what I've realized is that I had been lulled into a false sense of security with all that research. Yes, they helped me gain perspective at a high level, and even gave me some great sounding ideas about how to navigate the changes and issues I was facing.


But what I've realized by hiring you is that these issues are really complicated in ways that the articles and conferences don't mention. By hiring you, I've been able to avoid pitfalls I didn't know were coming.

You've brought such an in-depth knowledge about human behaviour and motivation, change strategy development, organizational dynamics, and team facilitation that I could not replicate myself or find with most so called change management gurus.

Combining all this knowledge with being a change coach all rolled up into one, and being available at my fingertips, you've accelerated my learning and understanding of the issues on change and digital transformation in ways I never thought of."

-- Director of Digital Transformations,
US Government Agency

American University Washington DC.png

“I had the privilege of engaging [LETS} to assess collaboration and team effectiveness for our entire division.  I was impressed with Quang's uncompromising attention to details and his ability to summarize opportunities without getting lost in weeds. Quang's ability to delve deeper into topics within a short period of time is impressive. 

-- Ms. K. Sandell

Associate CIO American University 

Office of Information Technology

American Inns of Court.png

"We hired Le Transformations to manage a technology implementation project that had languished for nearly a year without any progress.  

The successful completion of this project was essential for future technology implementations for our organization, and [LETS] contributions to making this a reality have been invaluable."


--David W. Akridge, CAE,
Deputy Executive Director,
American Inns of Court Foundation


"What I experienced with Quang was his level of dedication to the work, to the people, and for always finding ways to navigate tough situations."

-- Mr. M. Young,

Deputy Program Manager,
Defense Logistics Agency


Financial Services 


Deputy Director

"I remember going to our internal change management team to request their support in this effort. The request languished for six months despite repeated follow-ups.

When [they] came back, their proposal was entirely off the mark. It didn't address any of the change initiatives I wanted to address, nor did it encompass any of the comprehensive communication plans I needed. And to add insult to injury, they said they would need another three months to provide the support along with hiring staff to augment my needs. 

When I received authorisation [go with an outside firm] to work with you, you were not only able to help me formulate a roadmap and high-level strategy within 3 hours; you helped me outline the [corporate] governance structure and helped me define critical strategic roles.  After a week of reviews, discussions, and iterations with you, I was able to pull together a comprehensive plan with enough supporting details, a budget, staffing needs, and overall clarity of purpose behind this massive change to present to the Executive team.

I still remember that briefing and how quickly I received resources and the necessary budget to enact the change plan."

-- Assistant Director, Corporate Finance
Financial Services Sector Firm


(R2 Institution)

"Working with Quang Le was paramount for my development as a leader and supervisor, and essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our developmental work during our weekly meetings helped me "see" my blind spots and identify ways to improve my strategy skills so that I could be more effective with my time, achieve my objectives and better support my team. I would highly advise anyone considering a coach to work with Quang Le."  --


-- Dr. S., Director of Housing, R2 Private University


Big 5 Consulting Firm Client

"I’m not a person that’s generally prone to using superlatives or hyperbole, but I can honestly say that working with Quang helped fundamentally change my approach to management of others and self. Working with Quang helped me become more aware of how daily events are impacting me (mentally and emotionally) so that I can appropriately address good and not so good events in the moment. I better understood how using empathy builds trust with not only my team but also with people senior to me. Finally, I’ve better learned how to harness my positional and unknown power to better influence professional and personal results.

If you are honest with yourself and Quang; trust in process; and, do the work … you will have breakthroughs that lead to you experiencing greater professional and personal outcomes."

-- A. W., Senior Project Manager, Big 5 Consulting Firm

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