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We are known for our personalized, senior-level services that are customized to meet the unique needs of each client. Our pragmatic approach is results-oriented and has excellent ROI.

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Change consulting


Le Transformations (LETS) is a unique Change Leadership™ firm, a new breed of consultancy that helps leaders work with staff to manage change objectively, proactively, and cost effectively. Leading our efforts is our CEO, Quang Le, who has been recognized as best-of-class amoung a new-world breed of change strategists.

We apply a strategic approach that features the following elements:


Problem analysis

We start with a vision. Then we dig deep to uncover the roots of disruption, leveraging our expertise in IT, organizational strategy, enterprise change, and applied human psychology.

Analytical Tools.png

Analytical tools

These include interviews with key personnel, focus groups, and workshops.


Program implementation.

We help organizations roll out the tactics outlined in our plan. A key part of this process is how we facilitate cultural transformation, maintaining the positive aspects of your culture but making adjustments as needed.

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Strategic planning

As a roadmap toward transformation, we develop a comprehensive Change Strategy plan for each client, including how leaders will engage staff, and how staff will be educated and energized in change transformation. We refine programs as needed in navigating an ever-changing landscape.

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Bottom-line focus

While we don’t compromise our ambitious goals, we are grounded in financial realities. We help you maximize resources, invest wisely, and boost your bottom-line.

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A key differentiator of LETS is our coaching program for leaders, managers, and staff. Our coaching is time-tested with numerous success stories.

Led by CEO Quang Le, a certified coach who has helped leaders in multiple industries confront disruptive, change, contain risks, and optimize opportunities for transformation.

The tools gleaned during coaching promote understanding, increase buy-in, and lead to a unified effort that moves the organization forward.

Coaching sessions are instructive, interactive, and outcome-focused; they help leaders create momentum.

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As an incentive to new clients, we offer a complimentary consultation & coaching of your key challenges.

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Let's talk

In your complimentary consultation & coaching session wtih Coach Quang Le, Certified Change Strategist, your confidential session will help you


Understand the context for what’s driving unprecedented change


Learn how to build change capacity and apply change strategy


See how you can lead change and maximize ROI with LETS as your guide

To help us prepare for your consultation and coaching session...

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