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leading the way in the new frontier of
change leadership

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Le Transformations (LETS), based in Washington, DC, with clients worldwide, is a pioneer in the emerging field of change leadership. Formed in 2017, we are a premier change strategy consulting firm that helps leaders navigate change. Especially disruptive change resulting from the confluence of crises facing us today.

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In today’s “next normal,” LETS leads the way in the new frontier of
change leadership.

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We are uniquely positioned to guide organizations through turbulence and take the necessary steps to restore a sense of calm so they can survive. And thrive.


Our patented approach develops agile leadership as we blend technology, processes, and people.


We provide bold, non-biased solutions to protect your best interests.

Our services are proactive

We help you identify trends, anticipate future changes, and help you stay ahead of the curve long into the future. A key part of our services is executive coaching, in which we train leaders in engaging staff to be part of the solution.

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The CEO of LETS, Quang Le, is a Certified Change Strategist who has coached scores of leaders in many industries, especially those most vulnerable to disruptive change.

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Change Leadership

As a leader, are you and your organization positioned to master change, or is change mastering you?

Cultural Transformation

As a leader, are you and your organization positioned to master change, or is change mastering you?



We are known for our personalized, senior-level services that are customized to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Let's talk

In your complimentary consultation & coaching session wtih Coach Quang Le, Certified Change Strategist, your confidential session will help you


Understand the context for what’s driving unprecedented change


Learn how to build change capacity and apply change strategy


See how you can lead change and maximize ROI with LETS as your guide

To help us prepare for your consultation and coaching session...

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