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Will you

Master Change?

will Change

Master You?

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Naturally, we avoid change because it introduces variability that can't be controlled, managed, or easily predicted. At Le Transformations (LETS), we help leaders to navigate change at various levels in organizations.

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Navigate change disruption Effectively

In today’s “next normal,” LETS leads the way in the new frontier of change leadership.

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bring calm to the storm

Change isn't new, but disruptive change presents challenges for even the best of executive leaders. That’s not surprising since leaders typically haven’t been trained in tackling change or seizing bold new initiatives...


Until now.

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Smooth sailing for the future

It’s easy to understand why change poses such a threat to leaders. Change breeds uncertainty, fear, and stress. Stress from change also triggers our fight/flight response, which compromises our efficiency and productivity in the workplace and the home office.

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trust in a crew with 20+ years experience

The Le Transformations (LETS) team, led by LETS CEO Quang Le, includes a cadre of highly respected professionals who specialize in change, strategy, and coaching. They average 20+ years of experience and have represented hundreds of clients in various industries.

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Serving multiple industries

All industries are now dealing with the next normal in varying degrees; all are confronting disruption. Below highlights some disruption challenges within these select industries:


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Digital assets, technologies, and processes have forced many changes in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.  An ongoing challenge for many healthcare and pharmaceutical executives is how to leverage digital transformations to stay competitive and innovative during times of disruption and to bridge the ever increasing gap between legacy systems and digital transformation.



Higher education continues to face an onslaught of rising costs, demographic shifts, and technological disruptions such as virtual learning models that challenge traditional in-person teaching models .  How will educational leaders leverage new methods of reaching a wider and diverse audience all the while create experiential learning for students beyond traditional methods?



The Corona Virus severely impacted the hospitality industry.  Particularly, business travel & conference revenue sources.  Meanwhile home-stay competitors like AirBnB and VRBO are seeing high-growth during much of the pandemic?  What will be the Change Strategy for the hospitality industry as home-stay operators continue to garner more market share and expand on customized travel experiences?



The manufacturing industry as a whole has long adopted modern robotics and computer-aided design for product development.  In the Fourth Industrial Revolution how well-positioned are manufacturing industry executives capable of capitalizing on technological advances such as big data, advanced analytics, human-machine interfaces, and 3D printing capitalize on new skills to pilot new ventures or to speed up the R&D cycles?



Digital talent is critical to delivering services and solving critical issues as well as shifts in generational workplace considerations.  Over the past decade the rate of those who grew up with digital technology are increasingly working for private sector industries instead of the government organizations.  How will governments secure digital talent in an ever-increasing competitive job market landscape?  



The automotive industry's race to adopt electric vehicle (EVs) has underway since the last decade.  Front-runners such as Tesla and Toyota have seized those opportunities while others are now just begining to play catch up.  How will executives lead and embrace the next revolution of technologies as as artificial-intelligence, fuel-cells, and autonomous commericial transports to stay competitive?

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Change Leadership

These and many other industries are scrambling to put together change strategy plans, which must address their specific needs.


Fortunately, the major tenets of Change Leadership™ and Change Strategy™ are applicable across the board, and LETS has an impressive track record of success stories in many industry segments. We’re happy to share case studies and testimonials.

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ready to master change?

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